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The New and Improved St. John's Library

The Library is transforming. In 2019 we repurposed the old prayer room in order to accommodate more books, and with help from staff and volunteers moved the stacks.

Using an app called “LibraryThing,” the materials have been cataloged and reclassified to more accurately organize the holdings. One of the advantages of “LibraryThing” is that it can transform the holdings into a usable catalog called “Tiny Cat”.

Search the St. John's Library Catalogue at this link:

The catalog can be accessed from anywhere at any time, and there will be a computer to use on site. Tiny Cat has one search box where you can enter search terms similar to Google.  While some materials must be used in the library, most can be borrowed using a self-checkout system.  The library is open Sundays and upon request. The library also serves as a meeting room for small groups. Thanks to Stephanie Bonynge, Katie Bucy, and Kitty Pelkan for help with the cataloging. In 2020, a library committee is being formed to help run the operation of the library. Contact the office for more information.

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