White Center Welcome Table Meal | St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church
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White Center Welcome Table Meal

Saturday, April 11, 2020 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM
1320 Southwest 102nd Street, Seattle, Washington 98146
Sharon Parker and Carol Long

The meals will from now on be held at The Body of Christ Church at 1320 SW 102nd St. in White Center.  (1/2 block East of McLendon’s Hardware).
It’s a much better site.... they have a kitchen and this is home for the little bus, tables, canopies, and coffee and cocoa plus food.  

Make either tuna casserole or Mac n’ Cheese, and bring it to the Body of Christ Church by 11:45 a.m. Body of Christ members will meet you at your car and take the food. They will also serve it.

Our need will be:  10 to 12 casseroles serving 10 to 12.
                               Green salad for 120
                                Garlic bread  For 120
                                10 to 15 doz.Cookies
                                 120  + bananas, mandarins
If we supply more than this all the Better!  

Please call Sharon Parker (206-859-7083) or Carol Long (206-930-4991) with questions or to let us know what you can provide.  

FYI.... some 8 years ago or more SJB supported this church with clothing and food.  They operate a men’s drug rehab on site and have two homes for women coming out of prison nearby!  They do a lot of good work.    

Still collecting clothing, shoes, and personal sundries.  Thank- you all!  Hope to hear from many of you!  ??


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