The Path: Determined to Have a King | St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church
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The Path: Determined to Have a King


Date Sunday, November 17, 2019 9:15 AM - 10:00 AM

November 17

The Path: A Journey Through the Bible

Chapter Ten: Determined to Have a King

Have you been asked to put chaos into order? Have you had the responsibility to organize a military defense or another strategic defense for your family, your country? Has your leadership been influenced, swayed even, to accommodate the interests or demands of your constituents, employees, dependents, partners? 

 Saul had been anointed with oil by the Prophet Samuel to be the first King of Israel. Before a battle with Amalekites, God gave Saul very specific instructions about how to treat the enemy.   Saul disregarded the instructions to accommodate his constituents. Then he negotiated with God that his decision really was honoring God just the same, or even better than God’s original plan. 

 What do you think happened next??  Aside from the historical facts, what is the Holy Spirit trying to trying to teach us with this story about the very first King of Israel??


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