Bishop Rickel's Visitation


Date Sunday, March 24, 2019 10:15 AM
Bishops Chaplain: Ann Blake; Deacon: The Rev. Polly Shigaki; Minister of Ceremony: Katie Bucy; Verger: Shawn Allen

Bishop Greg Rickel’s Visitation with Baptism, Confirmation, Reception, & Reaffirmation

March 24: The Third Sunday of Lent & An Easter Celebration

It is a contradiction in terms. Alleluias in Lent?! Flowers, white vestments, rebirth by water and the Holy Spirit, and all in the midst of the 40 days of Lenten preparation. No need for liturgical whiplash here, instead an occasion for deep joy and momentarily suspending the somber nature of the season. Join the SJB community as we celebrate with reckless abandon the abundance of transformation and growth in our midst.