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Faith Formation Videos

Published by Emily Tanis-Likkel on Wed, Jul 8, 2020 4:19 PM
Children and Youth

Faith Formation for children at St. John the Baptist takes place in the Atria, sacred spaces with thoughtfully curated presentations, art supplies and manipulatives that invite both children and adults to listen to Jesus together. During quarantine, our Atria have been closed. As Family Life Minister, I have entered these rooms to retrieve this and that, and I always pause and take in the sacredness of these spaces, praying for our precious children. I have attempted to translate some of the peace, contemplation, and imagination of the Atria to an online format with the SJB Sunday school videos. These videos are just a few minutes long, and are intended to be a jumping off point, to wonder further or create something from the story. I’ve realized that Faith Formation is a better description than Sunday school, as they are available to watch anytime, not necessarily on Sunday, and they are definitely not school, but are a bit of respite and calm, soul nourishment in a stormy time. In this time of uncertainty I find healing in Bible stories for children, whether I am paraphrasing a story in my own words, or reading from a Children’s Bible or storybook. I’m grateful to hear about all ages resonating with these videos. All of them are available to watch on our website. The last few videos have addressed some of the anxiety that many of us are feeling these days, including: Psalm of Lament, Be Still, and Come to Me. Someday we will be back in the Atria, but may we discover a blessing in cultivating faith formation at home that endures.

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