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Holy Week Gift from your Bishop

Published by David Ruberg on Tue, Apr 7, 2020 4:22 PM
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Holy Week has begun here and around the world, despite nearly all liturgical churches being closed including those in the Holy Land. Just below you will see a description of a 27-minute documentary on the Holy Fire at the Church of the Sepulcher, Jerusalem. This week is the most famous (and usually the most visited) week for the Church, but this year, like our churches, it will be closed. This documentary will explain some of the history and more about this beautiful and strange place.

Bishop Greg bought the rights to show it and to let us see it as his Holy Week gift to all of us. (Please take a moment to send him a thank you. It’s been a rough few weeks for him as well!) Watch and enjoy the video.

The link that Bishop Greg created for us is https://vimeo.com/401940998

The password is: olympia2020

Holy Week and the Easter season are upon us and many are wondering what it might look like this year. This is also true here in Jerusalem, where usually thousands of pilgrims gather to celebrate in the city of the Resurrection.  

We know that church communities are actively searching for new ways to gather and to mark this season in a meaningful way. We are excited to introduce to you a film which highlights the ways Christians remember the death and resurrection of Jesus in the Holy City. This is a story of generations of Christians, carrying the traditions of the early church into the present time.

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