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Welcoming New Children's Ministry Staff

Welcoming New Children's Ministry Staff
Published by Emily Tanis-Likkel on Wed, Sep 18, 2019 1:37 PM
Children and Youth

We are happy to welcome Ellie Vaupel and Sarynn Good to our children's ministry staff at St. John's! They will be caring for our youngest parishioners in the nursery. Ellie heard about the position from her Grandma, St. John's Robbie Ralkowski. Good friends Ellie and Sarynn look forward to getting to know St. John's little ones on Sunday mornings.

Meet Sarynn: I am a senior at West Seattle High School. In my free time I enjoy playing violin, guitar and softball. When I graduate, I hope to attend WSU and study psychology. I enjoy working with kids because there is never a dull moment!

and Ellie:  I am a Junior at West Seattle High School. I started babysitting in seventh grade and have stuck with it ever since. The best part of working with kids is seeing them learn little tasks and watching the smiles of pride spread across their faces. In my free time I enjoy volleyball, music and exploring the outdoors with my friends. I'm excited to meet you all!

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