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Family Story Time

Published by Kate Wesch on Mon, Aug 12, 2019 4:35 PM
Children and Youth

I have looked through many Children’s Bibles. I look for artwork that opens the imagination as well as storytelling that is compelling, accessible and provokes a sense of wonder in all ages. I was delighted to discover that the companion storybook Bible to The Path: A Journey through the Bible, checks all those boxes. 

Join the families of St. John’s in readingThe Path: Family Storybook: A Journey Through the Bible for Families by Lindsay Hardin Freeman and Melody Wilson Shobe. These Storybook Bibles will be available at a suggested donation of $10 a copy at coffee hour in the coming weeks.

The authors write: “This book, like the Bible, is a collection of the stories that our ancestors told their children and grandchildren around the fire and when they tucked their little ones into bed each night. These are the memories that kept them strong when they were scared and gave them reason to celebrate when they remembered the happy times.”

As the congregation studies and reflects on the Bible stories in their condensed version found in The Path: A Journey Through the Bible, families with children of all ages can learn and wonder about these stories together using this excellent companion storybook Bible.  Grab a copy, cozy up and have a family story time together.



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