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Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Published by Emily Tanis-Likkel on Thu, Jun 20, 2019 3:16 PM
Children and Youth

A big thank you to all those in the congregation who donated money for the children's Lenten Offering.We are happy to announce that we received $574. The children decided to donate to small animals that were rescued in a fire and  blankets for the Homeless. A check will be sent to the Humane Society and the Homeless project in White Center. 

In the last few months we studied the parables of the Lost Coin and the Prodigal Son (the Forgiving Father) and earlier the Found sheep. We admired the abundant plants in the Children's Garden and tied it to the parable of the Sower.

Pentecost was celebrated with all the children in a beautiful presentation by Marti Rickel followed by their participation in two baptisms.

And so our year together comes to an end. There will be a summer program starting on June 30th.

Please drop by our table at the ministry fair June 23rd where we will pass out information and display some of the hand made materials covering scripture and liturgy.

Thanks go to all our dedicated volunteers serving our most precious members of the congregation.

Peace and blessings to all,

Jasmine and Julia

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