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St. John the Baptist January through April 2019 Budget vs. Actual

St. John the Baptist January through April 2019  Budget vs. Actual
Published by Kate Wesch on Thu, May 16, 2019 11:21 AM
Rector's Reflections

*Please note this spreadsheet needs viewed on a laptop or computer screen and not a mobile device or tablet. Paper copies are available in the Information Center at Church.

 Jan-Apr 19Budget$ Over Budget% of Budget
Ordinary Income/Expense    
141 Offerings Income              121,738                 80,588                 41,150 151%
142 Investment Income                  3,806                   6,060                 (2,254)63%
143 Other Income Total                  4,748                 14,340                 (9,592)33%
Total Income              130,292               100,988                 29,304 129%
Gross Profit              130,292               100,988                 29,304 129%
150 Compensation Expenses                71,781                 69,573                   2,208 103%
151 Operations Expenses                41,645                 35,740                   5,905 117%
152 Parish Life Expenses                   1,580                   2,328                    (748)68%
66900 Reconciliation Discrepancies                        -                           -                           -   0%
Total Expense              115,006               107,641                   7,365 107%
Net Ordinary Income                15,006                 (6,653)                21,939 -230%
Other Income/Expense                     753                         -                        753 100%
Net Income                16,039                 (6,653)                22,692 -241%

The Vestry and Finance Committee have committed to making our finances and regular statements more available to the congregation moving forward. This is the first effort toward that end. Each statement will include a short narrative explaining what you are looking at and current trends. More in depth reports are always available and your questions are welcome!  

This shows basic income and expenses from January through April. As you can see, income is up and expenses slightly above budget. This is fantastic! Both of these facts show our growth. Year to date, our average Sunday attendance is: 150. That is a 15% increase over this time last year. With this pace of growth, I would expect us to exceed our budget a bit as program needs increase, the building is used more, and staff is working hard to keep up. Additionally, new members who may not have pledged in the stewardship campaign last fall, are giving which accounts for the increased income. Some of that amount also includes annual pledges that were given in total in the first quarter of the year. 

In summary, this is great news! The growth and increased income will allow the vestry to make strategic decisions in the 2020 budget planning which is already underway. We are eager to address deferred maintenance on the building, increase staff hours to keep pace with growth and expanding program needs, and provide more outreach to our community. 

Again, if you have any questions at all or would like to see more detail, please ask a vestry member, Andrew Campbell, our Treasurer, or me.

In grace and peace,

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