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Abundant Growth: Unpacking Our Spaces

Abundant Growth: Unpacking Our Spaces
Published by Kate Wesch on Fri, May 10, 2019 5:14 AM
Rector's Reflections

Have you noticed? There have been more faces on Sunday mornings lately, more children in Sunday School, more baptisms and confirmations. Wednesday evenings in Lent were packed. We have more people feeling called to serve and lead worship too, as lectors, eucharistic ministers, ushers, vergers, and acolytes. Sure, we could use a few more male voices in the choir and a couple of people to join the Altar Guild, but in general, St. John’s is experiencing a time of great abundance. This is a very good thing. 

Along with this time of abundance, we are experiencing some growing pains. The Sunday School is considering how to expand into a third classroom in the fall to accommodate all of the children. We are moving more and more mid-week services into the sanctuary because the Prayer Room is too small. We have so many people serving at the 10:15 service, that we need more space to get ready. These are great challenges to have!

SO! Plans are underway. The vestry, staff, and Sunday School teachers have been looking at the rooms on the first floor of the building, considering their current use, and discerning their best use based on growth trends and emerging program needs. 

The current plan is to expand the Sunday School into an additional space and also use the small classroom next to the Level One Atrium. The Library (currently located on the southside of the building off of the Narthex) has outgrown the space. We need more shelf space to accommodate the wonderful books we have. The Library will be moved to the current Prayer Room.

The Prayer Room has become too tight for use except on Wednesday evenings with very small groups. In Advent and Lent, and on special occasions such as Ash Wednesday, the Prayer Room is far too small. Worship will be moved entirely to the sanctuary. And finally, the current Library will be transitioned into a Vesting Room. A Vesting Room is a space dedicated to for use in preparing for worship. This room could include an area for very small groups of six or fewer to worship on weekdays.

With welcomed growth comes change. We are looking forward to updating the use of our marvelous facility to meet the demands of our growing congregation.

Are you more visual? Would you like a tour? Maybe you haven’t been in all of these rooms before. This is your chance! After the 10:15 a.m. service on Sundays, May 12, 19, and 26, there will be a tour of the spaces to provide opportunity for questions. 

You may always send thoughts or questions regarding this or anything else to Rev. Kate at: revwesch@sjbwestseattle.org.

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