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SJB’s Just Gardens: A Story and A Need

Published by Kate Wesch on Thu, Feb 21, 2019 3:44 PM
Rector's Reflections

The Service & Outreach Team at St. John’s is looking for new leadership and ideas for our Just Gardens. These are the raised beds on the east side of the church. Two original beds were built during the Rev. Peter DeVeau’s tenure. Under the leadership of Jennifer Babuca, six more raised beds were built about five years ago. There are currently eight beds, including a drip watering system. The garden was intended to be a teaching tool for sustainability, and to raise food for the food banks. For several years we also harvested seeds and gave them out to children at the SJB booth at the Harvest Festival in the Junction in late October. The garden is currently inactive and needs maintenance and minor repairs. Some ideas that have been tossed around include: reaching out to the West Seattle Food Bank to see if they have people who might be interested in using them; creating a community Pea Patch for parishioners and neighbors; reaching out to Seattle Tilth for ideas, etc. Spring is right around the corner and we hope that there is someone or a group of people who might be interested in taking this project on and running with it. If you are interested, please call the church office at (206) 937-4545.

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