Youth Formation

Youth are encouraged to be full participants in regular worship and parish life, and very welcome to any and all parish programs including formation programs nominally aimed at adults.

St. John’s takes a flexible approach to youth programs. This allows us to accommodate the busy schedules of modern youth. Our youth group is small numerically but has a high level of interest and a desire to learn deeply and well, so we move at a pace driven by the interests of our young adults instead of marching along to a prescribed program

  • Acolyting: after spending a significant amount of time on the prayer book and especially the Eucharist, the class now provides Acolytes (older children and youth who serve the ministers at the altar) on  the first Sunday of each month. This introduces the idea of service beyond faithful attendance.
  • Confirmation preparation: We are presently using Jennifer Gamber’s My Faith My Life as our guide to confirmation preparation. Because of the small size of our group we don’t meet on a regular basis, but rather when we can all be present. We move at our own pace and go forward only when the time is right.
  • Taking advantage of diocesan opportunities: St. John’s youth participate with youth around the diocese. For example, we recently took part in a weekend JYC retreat. That outing has opened the door for possible other activities, our participation choices are driven by the interests of our young adults.

This is a really fun group.