Adult Formation

 Current Offerings:

  • 2018-05-27 The Seven Spiritual Disciplines
    Sunday, May 27
    The Seven Spiritual Disciplines

    Taught by The Rev. Kate Wesch

    We often talk about spiritual disciplines or holy habits, things we practice as Christians. The seven spiritual disciplines include: daily prayer, weekly worship, Sabbath, pilgrimage, keeping the liturgical calendar, tithing, and fasting. This forum intends to be an overview
    of these practices with ideas for incorporating them into our busy lives and a conversation as to how these holy habits transform our souls over time.

  • 2018-05-20 The Saint John’s Bible: Igniting the Spiritual Imagination
    Sunday, May 20
    The Saint John’s Bible: Igniting the Spiritual Imagination

    Carmen Hoffman

    Hoffman’s presentation will focus on the story of the original handwritten and illuminated folios of The Saint John’s Bible — 16 years in the making — as well as on the production of the stunning Heritage Edition.  Limited to 299 sets, the seven volumes of the Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible are true to the scale, beauty and artistic intent of the original manuscript.

    Following his presentation, Hoffman will host an open house session for anyone interested in taking a closer look at the Gospels and Acts volume of the Heritage Edition.

  • 2018-05-13 Following the Path: Labyrinth Pilgrimage
    Sunday, May 13
    Following the Path: Labyrinth Pilgrimage

    Dan Niven

    Learn more about how labyrinths can enrich our spiritual lives and can become part of our daily practice. Today we will celebrate spring and Mother’s Day by walking a labyrinth: journeying in, centering down, and letting go.

  • 2018-05-06 Introduction to Labyrinths: Sacred Geometry
    Sunday, May 6th
    Introduction to Labyrinths: Sacred Geometry

    Taught by Dan Niven

    What is this pattern on the ground? A bit of history, a bit of language to help understand how and where labyrinths got started, and why they are still meaningful in today’s world. We’ll play with finger labyrinths, dot-to- dot and seed patterns.

    A student of the labyrinth since 2002, Dan has created hundreds of temporary and permanent designs in a variety of designs in a variety of media, on private property and in camp, church, park, and school settings. As an actor, choral singer, and trombonist, Dan finds the quiet discipline of bringing labyrinths into existence tremendously grounding, and collaboration is at the heart of each pattern he makes and class he teaches. Dan invites you to check out examples of his work at, and looks forward to meeting you along the path!


  • 2018-04-29 William Wilberforce: Reformation in Manners
    Sunday, April29
    William Wilberforce: Reformation in Manners

    Taught by Jon Roberts

    William Wilberforce achieved two great objectives in his life. The first, and best known, was his work leading to the abolition of slavery within the United Kingdom, but the second was his ability to affect a dramatic change in British human behavior. Wilberforce leveraged a speech given by George III at his coronation challenging the British people to live more principled and moral lives. Wilberforce cajoled and shamed, but also inspired the British to create a worldview that radically changed attitudes toward child labor, prostitution, and animal cruelty, among other causes. Wilberforce’s efforts shifted the consciousness of the British people and set the stage for what we now refer to as Victorian morals. In this forum, we will explore what motivated Wilberforce and how his Reformation in Manners movement worked and how we can apply this approach to addressing the dysfunction in our current culture.

  • 2018-04-22 The Kingdom of God
    Sunday, April 22
    The Kingdom of God

    Taught by The Rev. Kate Wesch

    The Kingdom of God is where what God wants to happen always happens the way God wants it to happen. God’s Kingdom is spatial and timeless and it is right here, right now. Jesus speaks of this kingdom more than anything else in scripture. In fact, it is mentioned nearly 300 times in Holy Scripture. So, what exactly is this Kingdom and what does is mean for us today?

Adult Formation at Saint John’s

Discipleship is crucial to Christian spirituality, and we are all called to be responsible stewards of our own formation as adults in the church. Saint John the Baptist parish offers a variety of resources to practice, study, and experience your faith.



There are a number of ministries which offer the chance to volunteer for the short or long term and jump right into service and fellowship with your fellow minsters in the church. If you are new to the community, we recommend:

  • the “Windows and Weeds” campus maintenance one Saturday each month
  • sign up for “Dinner with Friends,” a seasonal ministry of meeting new people and sharing meals
  • think about taking part in any of our worship ministries: readers, acolytes, Eucharistic ministers, choir, or Altar Guild
  • and the best way to familiarize yourself with the community: become one of our Sunday morning greeters.


We have myriad ways to learn more about everything related to faith and spirituality:

  • The Nancy Dealey Library offers a comfortable space to sit and read, spread out and undertake more serious research, or host small study and reading groups. It is available for individual or group use on Sundays and by request through the week.
  • Lenten Soup Suppers each year during Lent include an extended class session on topics as decided by the instructor.
  • Classes are offered are generally offered for a defined number of weeks, with a variety of scheduled times in order to accommodate as many learners as possible through the year.



Saint John’s is committed to providing a variety of devotional resources to enrich every member’s experience of prayer and practice:

  • Regular Wednesday services of Evening Prayer / Eucharist offer an intimate and informal alternative to the larger, more structured worship of Sundays.
  • The Prayer Room is open almost year round for private or group prayer, including a labyrinth which is available seasonally and by request.
  • Healing Prayer is offered regularly as a part of Sunday worship.
  • Seasonally scheduled Quiet Days and occasional retreats are available to the community – check the calendar and newsletter to learn more.


And of course, we are always open to new ideas!