Make Rag Rugs with the Arts and Crafts Co-op

The Arts & Crafts Co-op is making RAG RUGS and would love to have your help. 
Ways to participate:
· Join us on Tuesday nights, learn the very simple process, and make new friends at the same time.  On Tuesdays we iron, cut fabric, braid, and stitch rugs together.  The last step is the slowest and it’s a very nice thing to visit while you sit and stitch.  Or talk to us on Sunday morning about any questions you have.
· Make braids at home.  We will supply you with everything you need; you can pick up fabric strips at church, braid them at home, and then bring them back.
· Donate fabric.  We need (lots) of light weight cottons just like people have sitting in their sewing drawers.  Sheets will work, colored or print, not white.  Do you know someone who has sewing supplies that they don’t use anymore?  There is fabric everywhere and we’ll take it.  There is a donation box in the hall downstairs.
We are in the early stages of making these and our goal is to build a group of SJB rug makers, find a way to sell them in West Seattle, and create income that will go directly to helping the growing problems of homelessness that we are confronted with every day in Seattle.  Please watch for Saturday workshops later in the year.  It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, young or newly retired, we are looking for you.  Will you join us?
Faithfully, Anne Rogers, Carol Eaton, Claire Hughes, Jeanne Merritt, Judy Walbaum, Mary Heuschele, and Mari Cormier.