2018-05-06 Introduction to Labyrinths: Sacred Geometry

Sunday, May 6th
Introduction to Labyrinths: Sacred Geometry

Taught by Dan Niven

What is this pattern on the ground? A bit of history, a bit of language to help understand how and where labyrinths got started, and why they are still meaningful in today’s world. We’ll play with finger labyrinths, dot-to- dot and seed patterns.

A student of the labyrinth since 2002, Dan has created hundreds of temporary and permanent designs in a variety of designs in a variety of media, on private property and in camp, church, park, and school settings. As an actor, choral singer, and trombonist, Dan finds the quiet discipline of bringing labyrinths into existence tremendously grounding, and collaboration is at the heart of each pattern he makes and class he teaches. Dan invites you to check out examples of his work at moderndaedalus.com, and looks forward to meeting you along the path!