2017-06-25 Anti-hate Training

A New Anti-Hate Group in West Seattle, and an Anti-Hate Training
Anti-Hate Alaska Junction is a new, local, grassroots organization.  Their purpose is to eliminate hate crimes and harassment incidents in our neighborhood.  Based on Anti-Hate Delridge, which came together last fall, Anti-Hate Alaska Junction has three tasks:

  • To intervene in hate-based incidents, as possible
  • To support the victims of hate-based incidents
  • To ensure the crime or incident is reported.

To do this, they offer training periodically in how to intervene effectively.  Based on role-playing, these trainings help trainees identify situations that are or may become hate-based, support the victim, and defuse the situation effectively.
Their next free training will be held on Sunday, June 25, from 2:00 to 3:30 pm at St. John the Baptist Episcopal, at 3050 California Avenue SW.   Email antihate3@gmail.com to pre-register.
They are also developing a network of stores and offices, which will provide a victim with temporary sanctuary and call to 911, as needed. Anti-Hate Alaska Junction will have their website up and running soon, but you can contact them at the address above for more information.